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Hash 101: Full Guide

If you are ready to explore new horizons of recreational cannabis use, you might be interested in hashish. We’ll explore every important fact about this cannabis product, so join in!

Guide to Hash (Weed/Cannabis)

What Is Hash (Hashish)?

Probably everyone knows the name hashish or hash. But not everyone knows what is hash in reality. It is a resin concentrate received from the cannabis plant. 

To produce this recreational drug, trichomes – the resinous glands of the hashish plant are used only. They contain the highest concentrations of the euphoric compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), essential for hash smokers. These parts of the plant are collected, processed, and pressed to get the final product.

Hashish varies in color and solidity. The gamut of hash colors may range from transparent to yellow, red, light- or dark brown, and even black. The texture of hashish is usually solid, but it may also feel like plasticine and be more resinous. This depends on the methods of production and the quality of the raw.

Where does hash come from? The main supplier of hash is Marocco and Afghanistan.

There are many types of hash, which range in THC concentrations, appearance, and texture. They are:

  • Kief
  • Dry sift hash
  • Finger hash
  • Zero-zero
  • Twisla and many more.

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How to Use Hash?

Smoking hashish is one of the ways you can take this drug. How is hash smoked if it is solid? Hashish can be smoked via pipes and bongs. 

How do you smoke hashish that melts? You can use the melting types of hash for dabbling, aka vaporizing from the hot surface. 

Non-smokers can try taking hashish more traditionally by chewing it or adding it to drinks.

Effects of Hash

Due to the higher concentrations of THC, the effects of hash on smoker are much more intense than those experienced with smoking marijuana. Your reaction to the concentrate will depend on how to use hash (either smoking, chewing, or eating), the amount of THC it contains, your tolerance, and other peculiarities.

You’ll feel the effects of hash within 10 minutes of taking it. They typically last 1 – 3 hours but may extend up to 8 hours.

Weed vs. Hash – Watch Youtube

Potency of Weed vs. Hash

How Does Hash Influence Your Health?

Taking hashish, you will experience the following effects:

  • relaxation and euphoria;
  • trouble thinking;
  • short-term memory problems;
  • coordination loss;
  • increased appetite.

The hash side effects are also common. They include

  • racing heartbeat;
  • high blood pressure;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • trouble breathing, etc.

Hash Addiction Risks

Physical addiction to hash is unlikely, but the feeling of euphoria and changed perception of reality may create favorable conditions for psychological dependence on the drug. 

Hash vs. Weed: What’s the Difference?

To see the difference between weed and hash, it’s enough to know what does hash look like and what is hashish made from.

While weed is received by drying leaves and other parts of the cannabis plant, hash is the product of processing and pressing the trichomes – most THC-rich parts of the weed plant.


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