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Do you have a hard time trying to relax after a tense day at work? …

Does your body need the kind of rest you can’t get just by lying on a couch? Then you are probably here for some Indica weed. Well, you’ve made the right choice coming to WeedDelivery! We are the best Vancouver-based weed supplier with an extensive collection of Indica strains available for purchase. We know how to provide you with your relaxation portion.

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The Best Indica Cannabis in Canada

The legalization of cannabis in Canada gave way for every adult to get premium quality weed, which meets every quality and safety standard. Canada-grown Indica is believed to be one of the best you can buy online.

The Indica strains collection of WeedDelivery is one of the most diverse, comprising both widespread and exclusive options produced by the best local growers. The rigorous quality control allows us to guarantee the ultimate quality of every piece of weed you get from our dispensary.

If you are located in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, and Maple Ridge, WeedDelivery can deliver your order within hours, though we also ship our products throughout the country. Just select one or several of our Indica strains for purchase and receive free shipping on orders over $99. Check out our catalog for the best Indica weed, but note that we receive new buds regularly, so make sure you don’t lose the WeedDelivery website out of sight.

Different Strains of Indica

The Canadian market of cannabis is truly unique. Pure Indica strains are grown in compliance with sanitary conditions and with exceptional scientific precision to ensure every batch of weed is of the best quality. No contaminants typically present in the black market weed are ever present in our premium-quality products.

Our selection of Indica cannabis contains the strains that have already become the classic and those only winning their position among other Indica strains. Pure or hybrid – the choice is only up to you. Currently, the most popular Indica strains in the WeedDelivery collection are:

Hindu Kush

Truly one of the most popular Indica strains that got its name from the Hindu Kush mountains, where it originally grew. The sweetness and earthiness in its aroma and flavor make a great combo for calming nerves and soothing nausea.

Afgan Kush

It’s one more legendary Indica original that has become a parent for many other strains. Used as the basis for black Afghani hashish, Afgan Kush became legendary. Resinous large buds are cherished for anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects.

Granddaddy Purple

A super-fragrant Indica derived from the mixture of Skunk, Afgan Kush, and Mendo Purps. Known for its deeply purple, large buds and the euphoric high it produces.

You’ll Get the Best with WeedDelivery!

At WeedDelivery, we have the broadest selection of Indica strains ranging in their effects. From light body relaxation to heavy-hitting weed with couchlock effects – we’ve got them all!
Look through our catalog to find your favorite options. If any questions arise, we’ll gladly answer them once you contact our customer support team.

Why Order Indica Weed at WeedDelivery?

WeedDelivery works with licensed weed manufacturers only. Our partnering growers follow sustainable farming practices to produce organic cannabis with zero harmful substance content. Tested by independent laboratories, our products are the best in Canada. Choose quality. Choose diversity. Choose fast and free weed delivery with WeedDelivery Vancouver.