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AAA Grade

From the variety of cannabis strains available to purchase in Vancouver, …

stand out so-called trips aka triple A aka AAA weed. They stand for AAA-grade cannabis, high-quality weed rich in THC. They also tend to display perfect balance in terms of aesthetics, trichome, size of the buds, terpene, and cannabinoid levels.

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In the past, AAA was the highest grade you can go in Canada, but in recent times, the improvements that cultivators have been making have opened up an even more premium AAAA grade class. For more budget-friendly strains, check out our AA grades.

The Most Popular AAA Weed Strains

When comparing the offers from online shops and dispensaries, the customer may notice that almost everyone is selling triple-A weed. It may be difficult to find differences in the quality of similar products. However, market competition between the manufacturers and the sellers exists and affects the prices and assortment of weed available for purchase.

AAA-quality cannabis cannot provide users with significant experience with the feeling they need because the content of chemicals is not as high as with quads (premium AAAAs). But for an average customer, it is a desirable feature because AAA strains have very reasonable prices and do not risk overwhelming an unaccustomed user with heavy feelings.

WeedDelivery offers a wide range of AAA-quality plants grown by the best and most responsible Canadian manufacturers. Our collection of Indicas, Sativas, and mixes can satisfy any taste. Every product is thoroughly processed, carefully packed, and brought to you with same-day delivery to retain maximum THC, terpenes, and resin content. This way, you can enjoy the aroma, taste, and effect to the fullest.

Our AAA bestsellers are:

Buy AAA Weed in Canada with Quality Guarantee

The triple A category of weed belongs to the most popular cannabis products in Canada. Even though not remotely as strong as quads or AAAAA strains, it maintains a decent level of quality for a reasonable price while containing enough THC for stress reduction and entertainment.

The uniform weed quality grading system is yet something to look for in the future. For now, it depends on every manufacturer how to control the quality of their product. And on shops and dispensaries that they supply from.

The most reputable facilities, like WeedDelivery, were the first to introduce rigorous quality standards. All our strains are grown by trusted local manufacturers, lab-tested, and free of contaminants and admixtures.

When ordering from WeedDelivery, you are guaranteed to receive the best AAA-weed from Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, and Maple Ridge — as proven by many customer reviews in our catalog.



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