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Are you looking for a universal cannabis concentrate? THC distillate is what you need. It is one of the purest and most potent weed concentrates you can buy at WeedDelivery. Cannabis distillate is often called “liquid gold”, and that’s for a reason. This weed concentrate is super-versatile and can be used for smoking, dabbing, vaping, or adding to edibles and drinks. Even a small amount of this weed product can get you stoned fast.
Our online weed dispensary offers top-quality distillate THC at a reasonable price. What’s more, we’ll deliver it on the same day absolutely free of charge.

What Is Distillate THC?

Distillate THC is derived from the cannabis plant like any other type of concentrate. The difference, though, is that the distillate is pure of any contaminants, waxes, plants, and terpenes. Due to the absence of the latter, cannabis distillate has no smell and taste characteristic of cannabis. Its color ranges from transparent to honey to amber.
Now that you know what distillate is, we’ll share a bit about how it is made.

How to Make THC Distillate?

As the name suggests, distillate is the product of distillation. And due to the temperature differences in cannabinoid vaporization, the manufacturers can easily manipulate the composition of the product, which is the reason distillate THC may contain up to 99% tetrahydrocannabinol.
Distillation involves vaporizing crude cannabis oil with the help of special equipment. The raw is slowly heated to the point where it starts evaporating. The vapors are then captured, creating distillate THC.

How to Use THC Distillate?

You should consider buying THC distillate from WeedDelivery only if you are an experienced cannabis user. The high potency of this product is the reason it causes intense psychoactive sensations even if taken in small doses. So lacking experience with weed, you risk overdosing and getting nothing else than side effects and couch-lock effects.
On the other hand, the potency of distillate is the reason people go for it. Besides, it can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s check out some of them.

Can You Smoke Distillate THC?

Distillate is versatile in how it can be used, and vaping tends to be one of the most popular methods of consuming this kind of weed concentrate. You’ll need a dab rig or an e-nail to enjoy your vape, though some vapes can also be used for this purpose. Some weed smokers add distillate to buds to boost their THC content. In such cases, they typically use a bong or a pipe for smoking.

Can You Eat THC Distillate?

THC distillate goes perfectly well with any type of edible. It can be added to the products without affecting their consistency or flavor. Due to its concentrated formula, you need only a small amount of distillate to infuse chocolate,THC gummies, brownies, or whatever you want your THC to be added to. It’s even possible to distillate cannabis sublingually, yet this requires caution not to overdose on it.

THC Distillate Storage Recommendations

Due to the convenient form of distillate syringe that it is usually supplied in, you don’t need to get a special container to store your cannabis concentrate. In fact, its storage conditions are similar to those recommended for any other type of THC product. The distillate should be kept in a cool, dark place, away from moisture. You should also ensure that neither children nor pets can reach the distillate syringe.

Why Buy Distillate THC in WeedDelivery?

When looking to buy a THC distillate syringe, you should order it from a reputable online weed dispensary. WeedDelivery is the best option as we offer a broad range of THC-infused products and concentrates from local companies known and trusted by cannabis fans. Excellent service, fast and free same-day delivery, and fair prices for cannabis: don’t miss a chance to buy from WeedDelivery, do it now.