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Live Resin

Buy Live Resin Online

Full-body high and ultimate relaxation become possible if you buy live resin online. Top-notch live resin from WeedDelivery will satisfy the tastes of the pickiest cannabis fans. The rich aroma and flavor of live resin take you to a new level of satisfaction with only one puff. Our online live resin dispensary partners with reputable local manufacturers to provide you with the best cannabis concentrates at a fair price.
We guarantee quality service and fast same-day free delivery to the door for all our clients living in Vancouver and Burnaby. Just a couple of clicks, and the best live resin is already on the way to your place.

What Is Live Resin?

This cannabis-derived product is one of the newest on the market, so you may not know what is live resin. Let us explain. Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate made of fresh buds and sugar leaves. Such a peculiarity of the production process allows for preserving the entire terpene and flavonoid profile of weed, ensuring the ultimate user experience and rich aroma and taste of the product.
As the name suggests, the texture and consistency of this type of concentrate are resinous and make something in between wax and weed sauce. The color of the resin ranges from white to dark yellow, with the latter being the most common. The concentration of THC in live resin depends on the cannabis strain it was made of and may vary from 65% to 95%.

Buy Live Resin with WeedDelivery

Whenever you decide to buy live resin online Canada, do it at WeedDelivery.io. We are a reputable cannabis dispensary with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Our website features a fine collection of live resin products at fair prices. Buy live resin Canada from WeedDelivery and get your package delivered to your door in Burnaby and Vancouver within an hour.

How to Smoke Live Resin?

Are you going to buy this concentrate for the first time? Don’t know how to smoke live resin? Well, you’ve got several options here. Like any other weed concentrate, it can be dabbed. Use a dab rig and a nail to do this. Its heating point is higher than that of a bong.
You can also sprinkle some live resin on the flower before smoking it to boost the effects.

How to Make Live Resin?

If looking at the way it is made, live resin is a truly unique type of cannabis concentrate. The reason is the raw used for its production are frozen right after being harvested. Such a method allows for preserving terpenes and flavonoids, which contain all the aroma and flavor of the original bud.
How to make live resin? The extraction process involves frozen flowers put through one of the solvents, like butane or butane. At this stage, the THC oil is received. Finally, the oil is heated in a vacuum oven until the desired consistency is reached.

Cheap Live Resin

Among the key benefits of live resin is that its production process is significantly cheaper than other cannabis concentrates. This is the reason you can buy quality yet cheap live resin at Weed Delivery Canada.

Live Resin vs. Shatter

Comparing live resin vs. shatter, the difference becomes obvious. Live resin has different consistency and texture than shatter. The former is malleable, whereas the latter is solid. Also, shatter tends to be more flavorful and aromatic than shatter.



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