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Pre-rolled joints are a super handy discovery for anyone who wants to enjoy all the nice things about cannabis without the need to find some paper, measure some weed, and mess with rolling. With a simple online order, ready-made joints are always there for you to ease up all stresses, boost how you feel, and lighten up your mood. All you have to do to savor some smoke is to place an order, wait for the delivery, and light up the cigarette! And when you buy from WeedDelivery, you get same-day delivery right to your doorstep anywhere in Vancouver!

Do You Know What Pre-Rolls Are?

A good pack of pre-rolled joints saves a lot of time and effort. As you can imagine, pre-roll is a ready-made weed cigarette waiting to be taken and lit. Of course, you can make a DIY roll and stack it for future use, and it can also be called a pre-roll. But here, for clarification purposes, we talk about weed pre-rolls available for purchase in any dispensary or online store in Canada. WeedDelivery offers some of the highest quality cannabis flowers pre-rolled into joints for your convenience.

Should You Choose Pre-Rolled Joints?

In Canada, pre-rolled joints are super popular. People do love being spared extra work, which can get quite cumbersome, especially for heavy smokers. The only possible issue with the pre-roll is the one with quality. When you get a pre-made cigarette, you do not know what weed is inside, and the only thing left is to trust your provider. This is why finding a reputable shop you feel confident about is crucial.
Here at WeedDelivery, we can offer you the best pre-rolled joints in Canada timely brought to your doorstep. We guarantee the quality of the pre-rolls you buy:

  • contain only AAA+ weed
  • no mixins
  • no contaminants
  • no old or low-grade weed

And we are proud to present you with a wide variety of products to choose from Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains, and pre-rolls containing the famous Canadian weed strains Astroboy, Death Bubba, and Gas Mask.


Astroboy is a refreshing sativa-dominant hybrid with a classic sweet & sour flavor mix: cherry and citrus. It is very uplifting and mood-boosting. This makes it popular among those who strive to be active throughout the day.

Death Bubba

Death Bubba is a hybrid, too, but since it contains 70% Indica weed, it can be called and treated as Indica too. It has a distinctive earthy aroma with lemon and pine accents. It is very relaxing and sleep-inducing, which is a good solution for those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or nightmares.

Gas Mask

Gas Mask is considered one of the best hybrid cannabis strains. It is a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa cannabis, which has much more therapeutic and recreational benefits than a mono bud.

Best Store to Buy Pre-Rolled Joints Online in Canada

When looking for a simple and reliable way to order pre-rolled joints in Vancouver, WeedDelivery is your best option. We provide fast and confidential delivery anywhere you live Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, Maple Ridge, or Vancouver. Our primary goal is to ensure every customer is satisfied and can enjoy the best marijuana joints in Canada without an excessive hustle. Our top-branded pre-rolls will help you get through your day in a great mood, active, and free of stress. And if you are looking for good fun and want to save time on preparations, our pre-made cannabis cigarettes will come in handy, too. We will be happy to provide any help, and our reviews will clear any doubts if they remain!



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