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THC Concentrates

If weed buds smoking has become mundane to you, then maybe cannabis concentrates …

will become a game-changer. As the cannabis industry grows, the market fills with a variety of concentrated products manufactured using extraction technologies. WeedDelivery offers you a large selection of products from top-tier cannabis extraction brands in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, and Maple Ridge.

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Variety of Cannabis Concentrates

What are cannabis concentrates? As the name suggests, it is a type of weed product with a distinctively high concentration of THC, terpenes, and other chemicals that provide all the features cannabis is known and loved for. This also means much more intensity in terms of both taste and effect.

Like with the cannabis strains, there are several kinds of weed concentrates that you may find for purchase online or in a dispensary:

  • Shatter. The purest of cannabis concentrates, shatter resembles amber glass in color, transparency, and shattering when broken. It can be smooth or a little sticky to the touch, varying on the strain.
  • Wax. The name of a substance speaks for itself. It is yellowish and can have various consistency, from dry and crumbling to oily and gooey. Waxes are made to be smoked with a vaporizer.
  • Distillate THC. depending on the prevailing cannabinoid concentrate, oils are super popular among those who like vapes and edibles. They are also often used for medicinal purposes because high concentration means small dosage, and liquid form makes them easy to measure.
  • Hash. This is actually a historically known type of weed concentrate, which, in essence, is a heavily compressed cannabis flower. Historically, different cultures have used different methods.
  • Resins. It is a plant resin rich in terpenes and, thus, is very close to the smell of the original material.

Our Bestseller Weed Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are highly appreciated by weed users who have more demanding needs. With the percentage of cannabinoids in the product grows its intensity, which is why concentrates are in demand among people with severe stress, chronic pain issues, or who develop tolerance to marijuana.

At WeedDelivery, you can buy concentrates online and get them at your doorstep that very day due to our super fast delivery. We offer all kinds of shatter, resins, oils, distillates, and mixed packages extracts, so every customer can find something that will suit their tastes and wishes.

We partner only with trusted and reputable local brands to ensure that all products you get from us are fresh, safe, lab-tested, and free of pesticides and other harmful contaminants:

  • Aura Extracts provides premium-quality shatters with laboratory-proven THC and CBD percentage.
  • Gas Mask is presented with its Diamond Sauce – the strong weed concentrate with a THC percentage reaching 99%.
  • BC King provides Indica shatters of different and very unique flavors.
  • True Lion offers powerful shatters for medical use.

Best cannabis concentrates in Canada

Products made of concentrated cannabis extracts are indispensable for medical and recreational purposes. Persons with chronic, untreatable pain, sleep disorders, heavy anxiety, stress, or depression, benefit significantly from the potent weed concentrates. Experienced cannabis users searching for stronger sensations also get great results from use. It clearly explains the growing popularity of marijuana concentrate in Canada.

With the legalization, cannabis has become a Canadian trademark of some sort. And almost every dispensary or online store can offer weed oils, shatters, budder, and other products rich in THC, CBD, and terpenes. It is essential, however, to buy only from responsible and known distributors to avoid unsafe and low-quality products.

At WeedDelivery, a dedicated team of professionals eager to bring you all the benefits of marijuana use with as little expense as possible work for you. Our suppliers are reputable local manufacturers who implement strict control into their growing, processing and packing processes to ensure that every product complies with the brand's quality standards.
We also offer timely and confidential weed delivery to any place in Metro Vancouver. Whether you order from Burnaby or Vancouver, our couriers will reach you in no time to grant once another opportunity to savor the wonders of high-quality concentrated weed products.