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Diamond Extracts Online

The name THC diamonds is not accidental with this type of cannabis concentrate …

This is the purest and, therefore, the most potent form of weed. Its THC content may reach 99.9%, which is super high. Only experienced cannabis users choose diamond extracts as only they can really appreciate the potency, flavor, and aroma of these concentrates. If you are one of them, buy the best quality diamonds on WeedDelivery and get your package fast and easy. We deliver our products throughout Canada and guarantee same-day, free delivery to Vancouver and Burnaby. So if you appreciate quality and top-notch customer service, choose WeedDelivery.io.

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What Are Diamond Extracts?

Weed diamonds appear in the process of cannabinoid purification and isolation. They are the purest form of cannabis. Their name is a clear reflection of how these concentrates look. Semi-transparent and solid, they resemble real diamonds, so you won’t mix them up with any other THC concentrate.
Depending on how they were extracted and processed, weed diamond concentrates can be sold as solid diamonds or as a mixture of diamonds with the sauce-like high-terpene extract.

How Are Cannabis Diamonds Made?

The process of manufacturing THC diamonds Canada is complex and involves several production stages. First, THC sauce is extracted from the cannabis raw using the cold-extraction method. The next stage involves special equipment, called a chromatography machine, to add heat and pressure to the concentrate. The result of this manipulation is the formation of crystals, which are actually weed diamonds.
How to make THC diamonds at home? The production of these concentrates requires special equipment and high pressure, so you should better stay away from experimenting with them at home.

How to Smoke THC Diamonds?

Like other cannabis concentrates, cannabis diamonds should be heated up to get you high. You can dab, vape, or smoke them – whatever comes better for you. Dabbing and vaping remain better options as they allow getting the right temperature for the concentrate to release the entire spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. Therefore, investing in quality vape or dab would be a clever choice.
Diamonds can also be added to weed joints but, due to the differences in the temperatures needed for weed and diamonds, this might not be really effective.

Weed Diamonds Side Effects

Diamonds weed concentrate is generally safe to use. But due to their high potency, there is a chance you’ll develop some unwanted reactions. They may involve reddening of the eyes, mouth dryness, anxiety, and paranoia.
If you are hypersensitive to THC, you’d better avoid smoking diamonds as they may trigger not only intense psychoactive effects but also physical reactions, like racing heartbeat, low blood pressure, dizziness, or trouble breathing.

How to Store THC Diamonds?

To preserve its aroma, flavor, and potency for maximum length, store weed diamonds in an airtight container. Direct sunlight, moisture, and heat can affect its quality and shelf life, so ensure it is stored away from them.

Reasons to Buy Cannabis Diamonds at WeedDelivery

WeedDelivery is a reliable online weed dispensary in Canada. Our collection of cannabis products contains all sorts of concentrates, including THC diamonds. Working with trusted local manufacturers, we guarantee the excellent quality of our products for a reasonable price. If you live in Vancouver or Burnaby, you can enjoy our free delivery service. So, look no more, buy cannabis diamond extract on WeedDelivery here and now.



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