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Shatter 101: Full Guide

The diversity of cannabis products extends, gradually adding new options to check out. Shatter is one of those attracting the most attention. Let’s figure out the reasons for that.

What Is Shatter?

What is shatter meaning? Weeddelivery.io will tell you more. The name shatter is a street name. It was given to the product for its translucency, solidity, and fragility, which makes it resemble glass. But what is shatter, in fact?

Shatter weed is a concentrate received from the cannabis plant. It is highly potent, as its THC concentrations may reach 80 – 90%. At the same time, the amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes are driven to the minimum. The official name of this recreational drug is Butane Hash Oil.

Aside from THC shatter, there’s also CBD shatter, which contains minimum THC and maximum beneficial properties of CBD.

How to smoke shatter? This product of weed is best suited for vaping or dabbing. 

Cannabis Shatter image

What Does Shatter Look Like?

The name shatter was given to this weed concentrate exclusively for its unique appearance. Depending on the raw used for its production, the number of terpenes, THC concentrations, and some other factors, the color may range from gold to amber. 

If the concentrate is high in terpenes, its consistency at room temperature will not let it crack but pull. BHO low in terpenes will crack easily, just like glass. 

How to make shatter? Please, don’t try to make shatter at home as its production involves butane – the gas that may be dangerous if used by non-professionals.

How Do You Use Shatter?

The question of how to use shatter is typical of the newbies with this drug. We’ve already mentioned that you need to smoke shatter. But how do you smoke shatter if it doesn’t burn? Smoking shatter requires you to get a vape or a device called a dab rig. Put a small amount of the concentrate on the hot surface and inhale the smoke to get high.

What Happens if You Eat Shatter?

Can you eat shatter? How shatter is made presupposes the activation of its active ingredients through heat. Eating the shatter, you skip the heating step, which makes it impossible to produce any effect.

How Does Shatter Affect You?

Due to the method of consumption of shutter concentrate and its high amounts of THC, it kicks in almost immediately. Shatter is highly intoxicating, which works for a high. Remember that this product is 3 to 4 times more potent than marijuana, so use it in small amounts.

What Are the Side Effects of Shatter?

Shatter side effects are typical of all cannabis-derived drugs:

  • fast heartbeat
  • rise in the blood pressure
  • bloodshot eyes
  • trouble focusing
  • coordination difficulties
Weed Potency versus Weed Shatter Potency image

Is Shatter Dangerous?

IS shatter bad for you? It depends on how experienced you are with weed use. The potency of shatter exceeds weed several times, so you should be careful with the dose. Also, buy quality shatter from reliable dispensaries to reduce the risk to a minimum.

How Is Shatter Made?

The process of producing the shatter involves the liquid gas called butane. This solvent goes through the chamber with the raw, separating the terpenes and cannabinoids needed for shatter production. 

(1344) How It’s Made – Cannabis Shatter Product | Phyto Extractions – YouTube

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