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THC & CBD Edibles Delivery in Vancouver

Buying weed edibles in Vancouver is not a complex mission, as you will have many local distributing facilities at your disposal. But we live in COVID times when many of them are closed or have pretty restricted schedules.

And it is much more simple and more convenient to make an order online and have your edibles delivered. Your daily routine stays the same, you do not have to change your plans, and you can select the most reasonable prices. You only need to find a shop with a decent range of edibles, so you can treat yourself to your perfect fit.

Edibles are often considered a pleasant add-on to weed. This means when you find a dispensary with a variety of marijuana edibles, you can be sure about the quality of products and the expertise of those who selected them for you.

At WeedDelivery, we are always ready to get your edibles delivered to your address just a couple of hours after you place an order. We are proud to offer you a wide range of products as we work with the most trusted brands:

Best Selection of Edibles in Burnaby, Vancouver

WeedDelivery is a reliable option for those who want to order edibles in Vancouver: gummies, candies, chocolates, pastries, and syrups. We are passionate about making the benefits of marijuana fully accessible to everyone by setting affordable prices and offering timely delivery across Metro Vancouver.

Most importantly, we want you to get only positive emotions when buying from us. This is why WeedDelivery maintains a partnership exclusively with verified manufacturers and reliable brands-owners who keep strict policies on quality and manufacturing standards. Our cannabis snacks are handcrafted and lab-tested in BC. This is why they are always fresh and stand apart with wonderful taste combinations, consistent THC and CBD dosage, and the absence of admixtures, contaminants, or harmful chemicals.

Edible Delivery: Fast, Convenient, Same Day

There is no need to go to a dispensary to buy edibles with our same-day delivery. Our drivers will deliver sweets, gummies, and mixes directly to your door. Every package is carefully picked and sealed, so you can enjoy the taste and privacy.

Customer comfort is our №1 priority. 30 minutes before delivery, you will be contacted, so there will be no hurry and hustle when the courier arrives, or you can use an option of GPS tracking on your order. With our user-friendly THC delivery in Vancouver, you can easily track your order with our real-time edibles delivery app. You can expect our bud enthusiasts to arrive on time with professionalism every time.

What Kinds of Edibles Do We Sell in Vancouver?

Cannabinoid snacks are a great alternative to smoking marijuana and a gift for every sweet tooth, which explains their growing popularity.
If you want to order some delicious weed edibles in Vancouver online, jump to our shop section, where to get edibles is as easy as to get Domino’s for dinner. There, all structured and illustrated, you will find:


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