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Holy Grail

5.00 out of 5
(3 customer reviews)
HybridTHC 21%


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3 reviews for Holy Grail

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kathy B

    It’s one of my favourite weed strains for a while and didn’t disappoint! The quality of the buds was impeccable and the taste was on point.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Def was quads! Service was amazing thanks guys!

  3. 5 out of 5


    SWEET DEAL!! SAVED over $45 on the OZ sale. Buy now before this deal ends guys!

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Marijuana Strain Type Hybrid
Bud Size Medium - Large
Strain Grade AAA
Appearance Misty Green Hues with Orange Undertones
Concentration of Trichomes High
Common Usage Depression, Anxiety, Arthritis, Stress, Chronic pain


Holy Grail Strain Review

This hybrid combining Indica and Sativa is another powerful cannabis strain that can enhance your focus while providing an emotional uplift and dozed calming effects. Its Indica-dominant genetics makes it a better choice for the afternoon and nighttime use. The high THC levels in Holy Grail will better suit cannabis fans ready to take a new step in smoking weed.

Effects of Holy Grail

Holy Grail is a cross-breed between Kosher Kush and OG#18. The proportion between Indica and Sativa is 60% to 40%, respectively. The average THC levels in the weed range from 20% to 25% with some growers reporting them at 34%.  

Due to the high potency of the pot, its effects come quickly, making you feel the wave of happiness, uplifting, and euphoria, with significant creativity and focus boost. The Holy Grail high continues with smooth and relaxed buzz and drowsiness. At the same time, no couch-lock effect should be expected. 

The weed enhances your sociability, becoming a great additive to a fun and relaxing evening with friends.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Holy Grail

The spade-shaped buds of the Holy Grail strain combine a variety of colors. Light- to dark-green leaves are interlaced with brown, orange, yellowish, and blueish pistils. White, frost-like trichomes cover the flower with a thick layer.

Holy Grail has a complex aroma composition. A distinct citrus and lime aroma open up along with a slight sweetness. Diesel and dank smell, also characteristic of this strain, still let you feel the pine and earthy notes in the rich bouquet of Holy Grail’s fragrances.

The lime notes of the weed’s aroma become more distinctive as you start tasting it. You’ll feel the combination of pine, earthy, and sweet flavors as you continue smoking Holy Grail. Some smokers say this strain has herbaceous notes and spicy heat they like a lot.

Medical Uses of Holy Grail

Many users take advantage of the calming and relaxing properties of Holy Grail taking this weed for de-stress, soothing the symptoms of anxiety and panic, including post-traumatic stress disorder. 

High THC amounts make this cannabis strain a potent painkiller for dealing with chronic pain, and headaches, including tension and migraine headaches. 

Muscular spasticity, joint inflammation, and insomnia can also be mitigated due to Holy Grail’s effects.

Possible Side Effects

The unwanted reactions of Holy Grail differ in their intensiveness based on the user’s individual tolerance and the dose used. Typical negative body reactions to smoking or dabbing this weed narrow to dry eyes, mouth dryness, and dizziness. Some smokers may experience headaches and paranoia, though such reactions are more common in excessive dose use.

Final Words

If you want to smoke a potent strain with pronounced stimulating and mild calming effects, this weed is a good option. It hits you fast and has a rich flavor and fragrance to enjoy with every puff. Despite some diesel notes in its aroma, smoking Holy Grail feels smooth and moderately harsh.

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