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Angel Cake – King Size Pre-Roll (3 pack)

HybridTHC 23 - 25% 3 PIECES

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Most famous for its insanely delectable flavor, Angel Cake is the ideal hybrid for people who needs a little extra energy before they can truly unwind. Angel Cake features a pronounced cake overtone that stays on the tongue, as well as a sweet and nutty lavender flavor. The scent is earthy and floral with deep undertones of lavender and pine. Before you even realize it, the Angel Cake high will have a powerful impact on both your mind and body. At first, you’ll experience a surge in mental energy that will inspire you and give you motivation.
Angel Cake will have your body experience a calming high as your mind soars higher and higher, leaving you with a profoundly calming sensation that swiftly becomes sedative. Angel Cake is frequently used to treat ailments such as chronic pain, sleeplessness, nausea or appetite loss, chronic stress, cramps, or muscle spasms due to its long-lasting effects and extremely high 23-25% average THC level. This bud has long, tapering spade-shaped nugs that are forest green, sparsely covered in orange hairs, and covered in a thick, frosty layer of trichomes with a blue-green hue.

Marijuana Strain Angel Cake
Plant Type Hybrid 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Strain Grade AAA
Size 4.5g