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Premium Distillate Syringe 1g


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Customers can choose these high-end, superior-quality syringes as a pure, all-natural substitute for conventional therapies. Each syringe contains 1ml of a highly strong cannabis extract that also contains terpenes that are obtained naturally for a better experience.

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Premium Distillate Syringe

If you use cannabis for medicinal purposes, there’s no better way to incorporate it into your life than with the help of Premium Distillate Syringe. This product contains almost pure THC oil, which concentration in the product reaches up to 99%.

Due to the methods used for cannabis distillate production, it contains no waxes, fats, terpenes, and other cannabinoids aside from tetrahydrocannabinol. Such purity of the concentrate is achieved with the help of distillation of the initial cannabis extraction product. The thing is that THC has a higher boiling temperature than other compounds found in weed oil. Therefore, by heating the product at high temperatures, the manufacturer removes the unwanted substances while preserving maximum pure THC concentrate.

The absence of terpenes and other cannabinoids in the Premium Distillate makes it tasteless and odorless. At the same time, it is extremely potent. The manufacturer, however, can add some taste and aroma to the product by adding the naturally derived terpenes. In fact, the flavor of the distillate totally depends on the type of terpenes added to the concentrate. 

Premium Distillate Syringe is highly efficacious for dealing with chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis, as well as other health conditions, including migraine headaches and muscle cramps. The concentrate can also help you resolve a range of mental health problems. Particularly, it works for lowering stress levels, and the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Low appetite and insomnia are also among the conditions responsive to the effects of Premium Distillate Syringe. Some people use it to soothe nausea, including the one caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients.

Premium Distillate Syringe can be incorporated into your treatment routine in practically any convenient way. It can be added to food and your favorite drinks. You can dab, vape, or smoke it, adding some drops to the regular cigarettes. To get an almost immediate effect from consuming cannabis distillate, you can put a couple of drops under the tongues so that it gets into your bloodstream maximum fast. 

The convenient format of the weed concentrate allows for easy and precise dose-measuring. Due to this, you can eliminate the risks of an overdose and take exactly the dose you need to feel better.

Order Premium Distillate Syringe on Weeddelivery.io to get premium quality cannabis distillate on the best terms. Stop enduring pain. It’s time to fight it and live a completely new, better quality of life!

Overview of the Company

Premium Distillate Syringe is produced by one of the leaders of the Canadian cannabis product market. Decades of experience in producing premium-quality weed products allows the manufacturer to meet the expectations of the customers in full. Choosing to take cannabis in a convenient Premium Distillate Syringe format, you can pick any method of THC consumption you feel comfortable with.

The concentrate will be equally effective if you vape it, or dab it. The distillate can be added to regular cigarettes or pre-rolls so that you can smoke it. If inhaling cannabis is not an option for you, you can consume the THC concentrate with your favorite foods and drinks as well as take it sublingually. Whatever way is more convenient for you is the right one.

Keeping in mind that the main reason for THC concentrate consumption is the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, the manufacturer controls the manufacturing process at every stage. 

The company uses organically grown weeds from the Canadian most trusted and experienced farmers. The process of extracting the THC oil and its distillation is done using industry-leading technologies that ensure the concentrations of THC in the product reach up to 99%. 

The process of receiving pure THC distillate involves four stages. The first one is the initial extraction where the manufacturer processes the cannabis raw using the CO2 method to take out maximum cannabis compounds beneficial for human health. The following stage, winterization, aims to clear the THC oil from terpenes, plant lipids, and other impurities. After that comes decarboxylation of the product to convert cannabinoids into forms that better interact with the human body. Finally comes distillation, which uses the differences in the boiling temperature of different cannabis oil components to separate pure THC. 

Every batch of premium distillate is tested for purity, potency, and quality. The company’s in-house laboratory checks the products for pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and other harmful substances that might be present in weed. Quality control is not limited to that. The distillate is also tested by third-party laboratories for compliance with the quality and safety standards for cannabis-derived products.

The THC distillate is tasteless and has no aroma characteristic of hash, shatter, or flower. No earthiness, diesel, and other smells you may not like about other cannabis concentrates. Therefore, this THC format is perfect for anyone seeking THC effects without things that usually accompany its intake. 

Some companies add natural or artificially-made terpenes to the THC distillate to add a certain flavor to the product. However, the Premium Distillate Syringe manufacturer chose to preserve the purity of the concentrate and its 100% natural content, so you won’t feel any extraneous odor when taking it. 

The production of Premium Distillate Syringe involves no colorants or other artificial components. This way, the manufacturing company makes it possible for people allergic to such substances to use its products safely.

Living in Canada, you have a unique chance to feel the health benefits of the top-quality THC distillate in a convenient format of Premium Distillate Syringe. The only restriction is your age. You should be at least 19 years old to buy the THC concentrate legally. 

This product can become an effective and much safer alternative to painkillers and antidepressants. Even small amounts of THC distillate can help you soothe chronic pain and inflammation. It’s a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t like the natural taste of cannabis but enjoys the effects it provides.

Order Premium Distillate Syringe at Weeddelivery.io. Our weed delivery company is known and trusted by thousands of customers. We will deliver your THC concentrate to any point in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam within one hour only. It’s enough to tolerate pain. Buy Premium Distillate Syringe now to live your life to the fullest.



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