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Albino Avery

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Also Known as: Avery
Potency: High potent with intense and fast acting
Effects: Elevate mood, excited, energized, intense visual hallucinations, and mellow.
Medical Usage: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Headaches
Appearance: White in color, thicker, full, and meaty.
Cultivation:  Harder to produce than other Magic Mushrooms, takes longer to colonize.
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1 review for Albino Avery

  1. 5 out of 5


    First off this got me super happy exactly what I needed a boost 😁 I normally microdose shrooms so it did exactly what I needed a very happy camper

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Popularity and Characteristics:

  • Albino Avery is gaining popularity quickly among magic mushroom enthusiasts.
  • Recognized as one of the most popular shrooms in Canada during the summer.
  • Thick and bulbous magical mushroom with respectable potency and great psychedelic effects.


  • Intense and fast-acting effects, elevating mood quickly.
  • Users report excitement, energy, and intense visual hallucinations.
  • Compared to stronger strains like Penis Envy, Albino Avery is considered more mellow.
  • Not as beginner-friendly as B+ Magic Mushrooms.

Positive Experiences:

  • Delivers euphoria, improved creativity, relaxation, and intense visual effects.
  • Fast-acting, with effects kicking in around 30 minutes after consumption.
  • Larger doses (5g+) result in more intense visual hallucinations, such as synesthesia and fractals.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Psilocybin-rich Albino Avery mushrooms offer therapeutic benefits.
  • Studies suggest relief from PTSD, headaches, anxiety, and depression.
  • Even a small bite may alleviate depression and anxiety, providing a blissful and joyous experience.

Consumption Methods:

  • Multiple ways to consume, including eating dried shrooms, making tea, or using capsules.
  • Potency and trip intensity can vary with different consumption methods.
  • Highly effective for stress relief, offering a euphoric experience.