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Citrus Tsunami 1 Oz

5.00 out of 5
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SativaTHC 19% - 22%

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Citrus Tsunami is a sativa strain created by crossing the GoTime and CBD Sour Tsunami strains. Amazing aromas and sensations from this marijuana strain will slam into you like a tsunami. Lemon’s tart, zesty flavors are accompanied by sweet, fruity flavors with each delicious inhalation. The aroma is remarkably similar, with notes of earthy diesel, spicy herbs, and a sour zesty lemon aroma.

1 review for Citrus Tsunami 1 Oz

  1. 5 out of 5


    A pleasant surprise to the nose. Good for a day time high def can feel it. Good for the long summer still functional which was perfect for me

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Marijuana Strain Type Sativa
Bud Size Medium
Appearance Vibrant bright neon green spade-shaped nugs with vivid thin orange hairs and a coating of chunky golden-white crystal trichomes
Concentration of Trichomes Med - High
Common Usage Mind High, Energizing, Anxiety-reducing, Productive, Creative


More on Citrus Tsunami Marijuana Strain:

The Citrus Tsunami high will follow, crashing into your brain with a soaring bliss that swiftly erases any unfavorable or frantic thoughts. You’ll experience an uplift as well as a spark of creativity that awakens your mind and stimulates your thoughts. This high boost is accompanied by a faint physical sensation that stimulates your body and might occasionally make you feel quite aroused. This high is accompanied by a strong sense of extroverted sociability that makes it easy to strike up conversations with anybody and everyone nearby. Citrus Tsunami is frequently used to treat those who experience illnesses like chronic fatigue, neuropathy and chronic pain, chronic stress, depression, or mood swings because of these effects and its THC potency. This bud has thick golden-white crystal trichomes covering its bright neon green, spade-shaped nugs with vivid thin orange hairs and also very dense.



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