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Hawaiian Dream

5.00 out of 5
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SativaTHC 18%


3 reviews for Hawaiian Dream

  1. 5 out of 5


    What can I say! Was recommended by a friend got 30 dollars off my order and 15% off with free grinder and rolling paper! Lucky day for sure! Thanks guys!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Was having a hectic morning needed something to take the edge off. The delivery came within 20 minutes! Right before I start work which was perfect! You guys rock! Keep it up

  3. 5 out of 5


    Thank you! The product looks great and you guys were super nice. The discount really helped and the grindr gift was a really sweet bonus. Highly recommended

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Marijuana Strain Type Sativa
Bud Size Medium - Large
Strain Grade AAA
Appearance Misty Green Hues with Orange Undertones
Concentration of Trichomes High
Common Usage Mind High, Energizing, Anxiety-reducing, Productive, Creative


Hawaiian Dream Strain Review

If you’ve been looking for a pure Sativa strain, you’ve finally found it! Hawaiian Dream weed works great for emotional uplift and as a source of creativity. With its low THC levels, this strain will be a perfect start for people with no previous experience of cannabis smoking. Hawaiian Dream is best suited for afternoon use.

Effects of Hawaiian Dream

Hawaiian Dream is a hybrid joining the properties of Blue Dream and Hawaiian. It’s a 100% Sativa strain, which explains its uplifting and creativity-stimulating effects. This strain stands out among other types of weed for its THC-CBD ratio. While most recreational pot types are THC-dominating, in Hawaiian Dream, the THC concentrations are almost twice as low as those of CBD: 4 – 8% and 6 – 12%, respectively.

Nevertheless, the weed hits you strong and fast once you make the first puff. You’ll start with the overwhelming feeling of happiness that continues with euphoria and uncontrolled giggling. Then come the waves of creativity and soaring imagination opening new horizons for your mind. At the same time, you don’t have trouble focusing on things that require your attention. 

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Hawaiian Dream

Hawaiian Dream has large pepper-shaped buds formed with olive-green curly leaves. The bright orange hairs sparsely cover the flower, and large translucent trichomes complete its appearance. If you touch the bud, you’ll feel the sticky resin covering it, which tastes sweet.

Speaking about the aroma and flavor of the strain, they reflect the Hawaiian Dream name perfectly well. It is a sweet mixture of citrus, earthiness, and floral fragrances creating the feeling of you relaxing on a tropical island. The taste combines sweetness with a blast of citrus fruits. Slight tanginess with grapefruit and pineapple notes wrap up the taste of Hawaiian Dream.

Medical Uses of Hawaiian Dream

Due to its high CBD levels, it is mainly used by people taking cannabis for medical purposes. The pot can help reduce seizures and muscle cramps. It works well for soothing chronic pain and inflammation. 

Hawaiian Dream works favorably for individuals dealing with arthritis, reducing pain sensations and inflammation. This positively affects their ability to move, allowing them to be more physically active.

The vasodilatory properties of CBD also help reduce eye pressure, while the presence of low THC levels makes the strain effective in managing chronic stress.

Possible Side Effects

The typical side effects of Hawaiian Dream are no different from other cannabis strains. You will probably feel mouth dryness and thirst. Dry eyes do happen, but they are less common. Some smokers also report headaches and dizziness.

If you exceed the recommended dose of the weed, you will likely experience anxiety and paranoia. So in an attempt to get your Hawaiian Dream high, please, don’t overdo it.  

Final Words

The tropical aroma and flavor of the weed, along with its fast kick-in, allow you to distract from the routine and enjoy the uplift and creative energy boost. Being a CBD-dominant strain, Hawaiian Dream can boast diverse positive health effects.

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