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Platinum Kush Breath

5.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)


IndicaTHC 26 - 30%


Platinum Kush Breath is crossed with OG Kush X Afghani strains. Platinum Kush Breath, so named for its stunning look and famous pedigree, is the ideal strain for anyone who like traditional indicas. This bud features flat, heart-shaped dusty green nugs covered in many thin, dark orange hairs and a thick, frosty layer of trichomes that are silvery amber in colour. Aromas of spicy hash and earthy berries are released when you break apart each glittering tiny nugget, and the more you smoke, the spicier they grow. The flavor is on the milder side, with a black pepper and hash accentuating the sweet and delicious berry overtone. A few minutes after your last exhalation, you will experience the Platinum Kush Breath high, which will flood your brain with a pleasant and heady boost that will push away any unfavourable or rushing thoughts and replace them with an unfocused contentment. A tingling body high will gradually take hold of you while your mind drifts into this joyful state, leaving your limbs immobile and inert for hours on end. The strain is frequently used to treat depression, chronic pain, inflammation, headaches or migraines, cramps or muscular spasms, and chronic pain.

1 review for Platinum Kush Breath

  1. 5 out of 5


    What a beauty to look at. Smokes smooth as it should for this particular strain 10/10 would buy again waiting for their sale

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Marijuana Strain Indica
Bud Size Medium - Large
Strain Grade AAAA
Appearance Deep purple hues
Concentration of Trichomes High
Common Usage Calming, Relaxing, Physical, Full-Bodied, Pain Relief Without Couch Lock



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