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IndicaTHC 19% - 22%


  • Sweet
  • Pine
  • Spicy
  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Sleepy

Rockstar is an Indica strain made by crossing Kush and Rockstar Kush. Rockstar, so named for its stunning looks and famous parents, is the ideal strain for indica lovers who desire a high degree of strength in their medicine. With tones of orange hairs, gorgeously packed and compact mint green nugs, vivid purple undertones, and a layer of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes, this bud is really stunning.

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Marijuana Strain Type Indica
Bud Size Medium
Strain Grade AAA+
Appearance Dense and tight green nugs with purple undertones, orange hairs and a coating of white crystal trichomes
Concentration of Trichomes Med - High
Common Usage Mind High, Energizing, Anxiety-reducing, Productive, Creative


More on Rockstar Marijuana Strain:

Flavors of the Rockstar is fresh sweet woods and spicy flowers are released as you separate each sticky, sparkling tiny nugget; these fragrances are accompanied by a spicy diesel undertone that becomes intense as the nugs burn away. The taste is on the milder side, with a spicy, floral undertone that is complemented by notes of new wood and dirt. The effects of the Rockstar high are believed to act as a warm, comforting blanket for the mind, and they are just as stunning. You’ll experience complete body and mental relaxation as well as a sensation of calmness from head to toe. You can find yourself nodding asleep before you realise it because of the slight couchlock and sleepiness that come along with it. Rockstar is frequently selected to treat sleeplessness, chronic stress or PTSD chronic pain and chronic anxiety due to these effects and its high 19–20% average THC percentage.

1 review for Rockstar

  1. 5 out of 5

    high as fawk

    Smells nice tastes OK, mild relaxing body and head high made me a tad dizzy would I buy it again…. maybe

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