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Citrus Tsunami – King Size Pre-Roll (3 pack)

SativaTHC 18% 3 PIECES


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3 Pre-Roll @ 1.5g each for a total of 4.5g
-Made with high quality selected flowers, no shake is ever used.

Citrus Tsunami is a Hybrid 70% Indica | 30% Sativa. Created by crossing the GoTime and CBD Sour Tsunami marijuana strains.
Try the Cannabis Flower that we had used for these pre-rolls Citrus Tsunami.

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Amazing flavours and effects will strike you like a wave with this bud. As you exhale, the flavors of acidic zesty lemon are accentuated with sweet fruitiness. The fragrance is extremely similar, with a tart zesty lemon overtone complemented with spicy herb punches and earthy diesel. The Citrus Tsunami high follows, crashing into your head with a soaring bliss that swiftly wipes out any unpleasant or racing thoughts. You’ll be buoyed by a burst of creative energy that gets your creative juices flowing and your mind working. This high elevation is accompanied by a subtle physical tingle, which stimulates your body and makes you feel rather aroused at times. This high is accompanied by a strong sense of outgoing sociability, allowing you to start speaking with anybody and everyone around you.


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Marijuana Strain Citrus Tsunami
Plant Type Sativa Dominant 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Strain Grade AAA+
Size 4.5g