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Dames Shrooms Gummies 3000mg

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2 reviews for Dames Shrooms Gummies 3000mg

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    tejaswini tejaswini


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Strain Review

Dames Shrooms Gummies are a kind of mushroom edibles. They come in a bright, and colorful package the design style of which refers to all the amazing sensations you can get from the product. Inside, you will find 12 pieces of gummies containing 3000 mg of psilocybin in total.

Effects of Dames Shrooms Gummies

One gummy is 250 mg of psilocybin, that is simple mathematics. Thus, a half or one piece can be considered microdosing, with all the alleged effects of microdosing with psychedelics: improved mood, more energy, higher activity, better focus, a sense of happiness, and uplifting.
The heavier dosage, however, is an option for experienced trippers. With the precise manufacturing of the gummies, the dose of psilocybin stays consistent, and the user just has to consume more gummies to feel all five senses’ distortion. This is because of how psychedelics affect the neural system and change your perception of the environment.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Dames Shrooms Gummies

Dames Shrooms Gummies is made as a handful of berry-like gum candies with rich, earthy color and a very pleasant fruity taste. They come in strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, and grape flavors. Mushroom edibles are a great choice for those who like the effect of mushrooms and do not like the signature foul taste of the mushroom itself.

Because the gummies are manufactured with the use of an extract, not an actual mushroom, their nice, delicious taste stays the same.

Medical Uses of Strain

Psilocybin microdoses are known to be useful as a part of holistic therapy when treating insomnia, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
The uplifting sensation comes in handy for depression when the person has an extremely low energy level.
Calming, relaxing, and happy feelings will reduce anxiety and help to improve sleep. Nothing will stand between you and your well-deserved rest.
Being more active and having greater focus will assist those who struggle with keeping up with their everyday tasks.

Possible Side Effects

Raw or dried mushrooms can cause various stomach issues when consumed, including nausea, vomiting, and cramps. Dames Shrooms Gummies are a great option to avoid those, thanks to the absence of mushroom particles in the product.

You should be careful about the dosage, though. It takes deliberate eating to overdose the gummies, as each candy contains the exact amount of psychedelics, but it is still very possible. The symptoms of psilocybin overdose are muscle weakness, high blood pressure, and heart rate. You may also experience the signs of the drug affecting the central neural system: distorted time perception, photosensitivity, mood swings, dysphoria, and hallucinations.
Please remember that the full effect takes 30 to 60 minutes to develop depending on your organism’s particularities and the food you’ve had prior. So when the effect takes longer than you thought to appear, do not rush to take one more gummy.

Final Words

If you are in search of new sensations, want to battle all your everyday stresses, or have a fun trip, Dames Shrooms Gummies can provide all of that plus a nice refreshing sweet and sour taste. This is a product suitable both for beginners and mushroom pros.

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