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Ice Wine

4.50 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


HybridTHC 20% - 24%


Ice wine is an ultra rare hybrid marijuana strain made from Pimp Slap, Oregon Grapes and G13. The result is an amazing bud that is caked with crystals. One of the better-smelling indica hybrids, this one smells sweet and kushy out of the bag. Prepare to start floating in your favorite chair, which you usually couchlock in, as the high is very balanced with this batch.

2 reviews for Ice Wine

  1. 5 out of 5

    high as fawk

    its pretty good i had a few takes and could feel the high creeping up on me before the joint was done i was pretty cooked i found it lightly energizing and got some giggles while watching a moving ( The Invention Of Lying) if you haven’t seen it I suggest you watch it , its really good especially on weed (LOL) anyhow that’s my review of the ice wine

  2. 4 out of 5

    high as fawk

    This is my second time buying this the presentation is real nice nothing like the first batch i bought it. It tastes pretty good packs a nice mellow high not the cleanest burning pot ash is a little blacker then i like it to be.

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Marijuana Strain Type Hybrid
Bud Size Small - Medium
Strain Grade AAA
Appearance Vibrant green coating of chunky golden-white crystal trichomes. Very dense nugs.
Concentration of Trichomes Med - High
Common Usage Mind High, Energizing, Anxiety-reducing, Productive, Creative


More on Ice Wine Marijuana Strain:

It’s challenging to find a strain that compares to this one in any way. The dense buds will relieve you of all your stress. Instead of opening that bottle of wine after a long day at the office, grab that green KS bag of Ice Wine buds. This one can’t fail, I promise!
Within the marijuana community, Ice Wine users note that this strain does not immediately make them feel high. But it delivers a high that builds over time and first manifests as a buzz that is head-focused. Users claim to get a mental high that gives them a pleasant upbeat high. Users are happier and more upbeat overall. Additionally, there is a very pleasant rise in creative energy, which gives users the mental drive to complete the task at hand. This creative boost has a more relaxed, steady start that enables consumers to think rationally rather than an abrupt spike. The bodily effects will start to take impact when the head focused effects fade. Your entire body will begin to feel much more at peace and relaxed. Undoubtedly adaptable and useful, this strain has various applications. Use this in the late afternoon or evening, advises KS.



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