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Island Sweet Skunk

4.00 out of 5
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SativaTHC 18%


Island Sweet Skunk is a cross between Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Skunk #1. This strain can be used for patients looking for CBD to help treat chronic anxiety, inflammation and muscle spasms.

1 review for Island Sweet Skunk

  1. 4 out of 5


    Just what i was looking for in a sativa bud nice mellow high still able to function

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Marijuana Strain Type Sativa
Bud Size Small - Medium
Strain Grade AAA
Appearance Misty Green Hues with Orange Undertones
Concentration of Trichomes High
Common Usage Mind High, Energizing, Anxiety-reducing, Productive, Creative


Island Sweet Skunk Strain Review

Island Sweet Skunk is a Vancouver-native strain of cannabis. Dominating Sativa, this weed is great for daytime use as it can help your productivity and creativity, and keep you high-spirited even on the hardest days.

Effects of Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is a hybrid with 80% Sativa content. It was bred in British Columbia by crossing Skunk #1, Sweet Skunk, and an undisclosed strain of Sativa. The average amount of THC in the weed ranges between 19% and 21%. Therefore, it is not suitable for novice cannabis smokers, as they will probably feel its effects too intense. 

The strain’s high provides a significant mood uplift followed by a soft body buzz. It makes you feel relaxed and, at the same time, energetic. The weed produces a significant boost in creativity, concentration, and focus. The feelings of happiness and euphoria stay with you throughout the high. 

The mentioned effects make this cannabis sort suitable for daytime use, as it has the potential to stimulate your productivity and promote high energy levels. 

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Island Sweet Skunk

The appearance of the weed flower is rather typical. It has round buds of the dark-green color with rusty hairs. The strain’s buds are thickly coated with white trichomes to that the flower looks lighter. 

The aroma and flavor of the pot are perfectly described in the name of the strain. It is a combination of sweetness and skunk flavor with tropical and citrus hints felt on smoke exhalation. So if you like fruity-flavoring strains, you’ve probably found a great option to check out.

Medical Uses of Island Sweet Skunk

Good mood promoted by smoking Island Sweet Skunk is a great solution to address the health issues related to stress, depressive disorders, and anxiety. A boost in energy levels provided by the strain can help you overcome chronic fatigue.

Thanks to the focus and concentration-stimulating properties of Island Sweet Skunk, it may help those struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other mental health conditions interfering with their ability to concentrate.

Like many other cannabis strains, it stimulates a healthy appetite and is sometimes applied in complex therapy for eating disorders, like anorexia.

The significant THC content in the weed becomes a powerful weapon to fight light-to-moderate pain, migraine headaches, nerve pain, arthritis, and other medical conditions involving inflammation and pain.

Possible Side Effects

Provided you have some experience of taking cannabis, you already know the typical unwanted reactions to it. In the case of Island Sweet Skunk, they are exactly the same and include mouth dryness and thirst, as well as itchiness and dryness in the eyes.

When exceeding the safe dose of cannabis, you put yourself at risk of developing anxiety, fear, and paranoia. So, please, be careful when measuring the best dose.

Final Words

Pretty average levels of THC and potent stimulating effects make Island Sweet Skunk incredibly popular, especially among the British Columbia locals. Have you already tried this strain? If not, you’ve got the chance to buy premium quality weed with free delivery to Vancouver, Burnaby, or Coquitlam from Weeddelivery.io – the best weed delivery company in BC.