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Jet Fuel Gelato

5.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)
HybridTHC 22%

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Hybrid: 50% Indica/ 50% Sativa
Made from: Hi-Octane and Jet Fuel strains
The Jet Fuel Gelato high hits you quickly, with instant cerebral effects which strike you right around the eyes. You’ll be energised, with a case of being creative, euphoric, and chatty. A sensation of body high follows, creeping from head to toe.  The aroma is of fresh citrus with a berry undertone that becomes spicy and pungent as the nugs burn off.

Jet Fuel Gelato Marijuana Strain

1 review for Jet Fuel Gelato

  1. 5 out of 5


    Fresh batch i believeee it smoked smooth like butta grabbed this and garlic breath can’t wait to try that one i’ll do a review it too!

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Marijuana Strain Hybrid
Bud Size Large
Strain Grade AAAA
Appearance Dark green and royal purple hues
Concentration of Trichomes High
Common Usage Depression, Anxiety, Arthritis, Stress, Chronic pain


Strain Review

Jet Fuel Gelato is a powerful AAAA hybrid created from High Octane and Jet Fuel weed strains. The result is a potent, mind-blowing strain that can drive you to space with the energy.

Effects of Jet Fuel Gelato

This quad presents a perfectly balanced blend of deliberately selected Indica and Sativa strains, half of each. The THC concentration is pretty high 22% here, and the effect hits the smoker almost at the very first breath in. That said, Jet Fuel Gelato can be a little too strong for a marijuana apprentice, but for a sated expert or someone who looks precisely for a strong hit, this is a must-have.

The cerebral effects hit first when the smoker takes a puff. Time perception is a bit accelerated, the mind is active, joyful, and energetic, welcoming every task, especially something creative and fun. It also will greatly boost sociability and lighten up any conversation. A body high comes later with a pleasant tingly sensation. It is safe to say that the strain effects are true to its name, and when you need an outburst of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, it will be your fuel for the day.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Jet Fuel Gelato

Jet Fuel Gelato is a premium strain, and just looking at the green bud covered in white crystal trichomes will give you an idea. The flavor and smell greet you with sour and fresh citrus with mild berry sweetness, but then hit you with a heavy and pungent mix of diesel and dairy. This, again, has taken a reflection in the name: jet fuel for a brutal diesel, and gelato for a frosty sweet euphoric aftertaste.

Medical Uses of Strain

Given the energetic and fast effect of the weed, it is the most suitable for the bright daytime, when you need the energy to function and a proper mood to fight off everyday stresses. If you are a night owl, you are surely welcome to smoke it in the evening, too, because for you an insomnia-causing uplift will not be a problem.

Taking into account the high THC concentration, the strain is very effective in reducing chronic pain, e.g, migraines or arthritis. Using it for relieving chronic stresses is also very promising. The energy boost that it gives you will be of great assistance to those who suffer from depression and need this energy to get through the day. And the energetic creative surge is perfect for a day of brainstorming or otherwise productive work without wasting time on panic attacks or anxiety.

Possible Side Effects

As with any AAAA buds, high THC concentration can easily take a newbie user to an overdose. The adverse effects of marijuana are not dangerous or particularly unpleasant. The user may experience dryness in the mouth and the eyes and feel agitated and anxious due to the energy boost. The answer for the first is having a bottle of water near you and, possibly, moisturizing eye drops. For the latter, the wise solution will be to sit and relax for a while.

Final Words

When coffee does not really help and a real energy boost is needed, Jet Fuel Gelato will make your day easy and pleasant. Make sure you order your AAAA bud from a trusted store so that your weed experience will be as positive as possible.
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