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Laughing Buddha Shrooms 3500mg


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Strain Review

The Laughing Buddha Mushrooms belong to the mushroom edibles. One package holds twelve pieces of psilocybin-infused gummies. In total, they contain 3500 milligrams of psilocybin which is roughly 219 milligrams per piece.

Laughing Buddha Shrooms Effects

The effects of the psilocybin edibles depend heavily on the dosage you use. Since Laughing Buddha Shrooms are a branded product from a trusted and responsible manufacturer, there will be no trouble with the dose measurement.
Microdosing, e.g. one piece or a half, will result in a very boosted mood without any psychedelic sensations. You will feel more energetic and focused, happier in general, and less anxious.
With the larger, full-package doses, psilocybin heavily affects the central neural system, distorting all your senses (colors, sounds, etc.) and changing the way you feel them. Generally, all the sensations are much more intense, and possible hallucinations are also in store for you.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Laughing Buddha Shrooms

The gummy consists of a gelatin or pectin base, infused with the mushroom extract, and the flavor. Laughing Buddha Shrooms comes in cherry, grape, strawberry, or blue raspberry flavors.
If you like sweet and sour berry taste, these magic candies are a perfect fit for you. And since the gummies contain no actual mushroom tissues that are known to have a specific taste that may be considered unpleasant, nothing will ruin their deliciousness.

Medical Uses of Strain

Considering the stimulative effect of the psilocybin gummies, they have a great perspective in treating various mental health issues, such as depression, addiction, anxiety, and PTSD.
Improving energy level and ability to focus will greatly assist in battling depression and apathy.
An uplifting effect of the edibles will provide much-needed help while the person is healing from PTSD.
And a generally better mood with ease the anxiety and allow you to function normally despite the daily stresses.

Possible Side Effects

Mushrooms can cause certain digestive disorders that manifest with nausea and muscle cramps. But, since the psilocybin gummies contain pure mushroom extract and not pulverized mushrooms themselves, the risk of getting stomach issues when consuming Laughing Buddha Shrooms is pretty low.

But you still should be careful with the dosage to avoid heavy psychedelic effects, which include photosensitivity, distorted time perception, hallucinations, and possible aggression. There are also physical effects, such as tachycardia (fast heartbeat), elevated blood pressure, reduced muscle control, and coordination impairments.

Final Words

Laughing Buddha Shrooms can grant you a unique experience or help you proudly face all the challenges you may encounter in life. Made of high-quality ingredients, they will also please you with their nice fruity taste, a perfect blend of the joy for the tongue and the joy for the mind.
If you want to discover the magic of edible mushroom gummies, order the Laughing Buddha Shrooms at WeedDelivery to quickly receive your package via fast and private delivery. Our company delivers almost everywhere in British Columbia, so you can be sure that you will not have to wait too long.