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Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms


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Also Known as Uncut PE, PE, Caviar of Psilocybin Mushrooms
Potency: High potent, with higher psilocin concentrations than other Psilocybe cubensis.
Effects: Trips quicker, heavier, intense, vivid, visual, and emotional experiences.
Appearance: Thicker, full, and meaty, with a unique appearance (penis like appearance)
Cultivation:  Harder to produce than other Magic Mushrooms, takes longer to colonize.
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Penis Envy mushrooms (APE) are considered the caviar of psilocybin mushrooms.
More expensive, harder to produce, and provide a stronger euphoric experience.
Named for their distinctive penis-like shape.

Two popular varieties: Albino Penis Envy and Uncut Penis Envy.
Uncut Penis Envy remains closed or almost closed to the stem.

Difficulty in Cultivation:
Growing Penis Envy mushrooms is challenging, especially for beginners.
Requires specialized care and environmental conditions.
Takes longer to colonize and has a lower pin rate compared to other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

Origin and Discovery:
Stem from the Psilocybe cubensis family.
Origin story tied to Terence McKenna and Steven Pollock, with unclear details.
Artificially bred, less resistant to contamination, and more prone to dying in non-ideal conditions.

Physical and Chemical Differences:
Physically thicker, full, and meaty, with a unique appearance.
Psilocin and psilocybin ratios make trips quicker, heavier, and more intense.
Known for vivid, visual, and emotional experiences.

Penis Envy is smaller, with chemical content and potency similar to traditional ones.
Uncut Penis Envy has caps that remain closed or almost closed to the stem.
Other variations include Trans Envy and Texas Penis Envy.

Growing Process:
Can be grown in the right temperatures using a grow bag and mycelium substrate.
Fruit in about two months, with the substrate turning blue indicating full growth.
Collecting spores for reproduction is challenging, and spore prints are expensive.

Consumption Guidelines:
Considered one of the most intense psychedelic experiences.
Dosage should be approached with caution, especially for those new to psychedelic mushrooms.
Emphasizes the importance of set and setting for a positive experience.

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