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Half Oz Dried Shrooms (14G) – Mix & Match – Pick 2 Strains


Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms

Costa Rica's magical mushrooms are known for providing a visually and mentally warming experience, especially in nature. Known in the Psychonaut community for producing warm energy, light hallucinations, feelings of love, and deep social connection. Excellent for beginners and experienced users alike, great versatility for any situation and occasion Consistently rated as a highly effective stain.
Effects: euphoria, hallucinations, happiness, extreme laughter

7 gram

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

The strain of psilocybe cubensis is arguably the most popular mushroom strain. Golden Teacher is very popular among fans of magic mushrooms in Canada. Magic mushrooms fans are always after these popular psychedelic fungi. There are many reasons why the strain of cubensis is widely popular all over the world.

7 gram

King Kong Magic Mushrooms

King Kong magic mushrooms are known for their impressive size. Its effects are more meditative and spiritual, and its potency is above average. The aroma and flavor of this psilocybin mushroom is known to be more pleasant than most mushrooms. Moderately earthy and woody nuances. Perfect for outdoor spiritual experiences with nature.

7 gram
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